Monday, December 24, 2007

My Top Threes

Sitting around on a bright-blue day watching a 27-knot wind weave tracks out on the Strait. Keeping the fingers crossed that things will ease off for the afternoon, but in the meantime I figured I'd follow the lead of the good people at Pinniped, and Wine and Woodsmoke and put together a surf-related Top Three post.

Merry Christmas, All...

Surf Sites I Check Every Day

1. coastalbc.com2.
3. Environment Canada Marine Weather

Surf Tools

1. 6'3" JS Thruster
2. 6'1" GMD Single Fin
3. O'Neill 6/5/4 Psycho II

Surf Spots I Wish I'd Surfed in '07

1. Jeffrey's Bay
2. Thurso
3. Tamarin Bay

Surf Film Sequences I Liked in '07
1. Gerry Lopez & Rory Russell at Uluwatu in Chasing the Lotus
2. Mundaka in Trilogy
3. Ry Craike in the trailer for The Present

Surf Stuff From YouTube

1. Noll, Grigg and Stang at Pipeline
2. Albert Falzon
3. Aftermath of the Alberni Tsunami

People I Would Love to Have Shape Me a Board

1. Tom Wegener
2. Pat Curren
3. Joe Bark

Artists, Etc. of Inspiration

1. Tim Winton
2. Takao Tanabe
3. Nathan Birch

Most Memorable Surf Sessions of '07

1. A whole lot of them at home.
2. Somewhere unnameable in Eastern Canada.
3. Pleasure Point

Songs Commonly Stuck in My Head While Surfing

1. Keep the Car Running, Arcade Fire
2. Lucky Ones, Kevin Drew
3. Modern World, Wolf Parade

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