Friday, December 21, 2007

Other Islands

Solstice. Shortest day of the year. Turning the corner of levels of light. All uphill from here on out. Left the bigger Island a few days back for one of the smaller ones in the Salish Sea. Headed east instead of the usual west. No surf, but a fine place to walk on the rocks and drink wine and read books and eat croissants from the Sunny Mayne. So good being somewhere with no stop lights for a few days. The less concrete the better. The less power lines the better. A great trip and a worthy way to honour our hemisphere's slow trip back towards the sun.

Vancouver Island from Mayne Island

3/4 Moon from Mayne Island

Terminal Superstructure

Gulf Islands from Swartz Bay

Tonight's music is "Can't Be Satisfied" by Harry Manx.

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eric said...

Happy Solstice and merry christmas Malcolm. Yes,hopefully the lake will continue to provide well into the winter. peace