Friday, December 28, 2007

Sub Zero

Saw this shot today on Magic Seaweed. The snow usually stays up on the mountains around these parts, but there have been a few sea-level snowfalls this year. Subzero on land and not much better in the water: the sea temperature is at 46.6 Fahrenheit as of today. Thank the gods for warm wetsuits.

Photo is by Pete Brennan.

Today's music is "Certain Songs" by The Hold Steady.


ras said...

how was the surf?

really cold here. surfed fun chest to head high waves friday and snowboarded saturday. oh canada.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at your 46.6 F.

Malcolm Johnson said...

ya, i know 46.6 is pretty nerdy-precise but that's what the buoy had to say. the east coast and the lakes are a whole different deal, but 46 sure feels cold enough when you get caught with your hood down.