Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Cold and quiet on the Island this morning. Reading through Saint-Exupery as my own act of remembrance:

"All my tanks had been pierced, both gas and oil. Otherwise we seemed to be sound. Dutertre called out that he was through, and once again I looked up and calculated the distance to the clouds. I raised the nose of the ship, and once again I sent the plane zigzagging as I climbed. Once again I cast a glance earthwards. What I saw I shall not forget. The plain was crackling everywhere with short wicks of spurting flame—the rapid-fire cannon. The colored balls were still floating upward through an immense blue aquarium of air. Arras was glowing dark red like iron on the anvil, a flame fed by subterranean stores, by the sweat of men, the inventions of men, the arts of men, the memories and patrimony of men, all these braided into the ruddy ascension of that single plume that changed them into fire and ash, borne away on the wind."

- from "Flight to Arras" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Today's music is "Goldberg Variations (Aria)" by Glenn Gould.

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