Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Foulweather Interview has a great interview up with Pete Lewis, the man behind Foulweather:

"I do it for me. I do it because, I’ve been writing since I was fifteen and never knew what the hell to do with my stuff. Essentially, I did it because sometimes it is better to make something happen yourself rather than wait for something to fall on your lap. But it wasn’t until I moved to Portland Oregon that I understood how possible it could be. I was really taken aback by how many writers, artists, musicians and so on, did things themselves. Created their own scenes, put out their own zines without a care about how they’d be accepted by the wider world. In this current age of mass communication, ease of travel and global interconnectedness, it is hard to shine as an artist. Perhaps, in a more ideal world, where ‘community’ actually meant something, artists would have an easy time proving their worth to the fifty or so people they are ‘tangibly’ connected to. In other words, I think the essence of DIY as being primarily responsible to your immediate community."

The full interview is here.

Today's music is "Old Friend" by Rancid.

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