Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grow Your Garden

I came across this kickass post by pushingtide this morning. It's always good to remember that everything—yes, everything—is opportunity. If you keep your eyes open the world is infinite in its possibilities.

Fucking Yay.
Fix dings.
Shape your next board.
Make fins.
Bodysurf the ankle slappers.
Jump off pier at dawn.
Swim pier to pier.
Paddleboard the Bay.
Walk along the coastline.
Explore new possible set ups.
Skate pools and parks.
Take your girl out on a softtop.
Play with your animals.
Play with your kids if you have those.
Grow your garden.
Feast and drink late into the night.See live music.
See live art.
Live. Until next swell.
When you become a slave again.
Tied to the tide.

Today's music is "Modern World" by Wolf Parade.

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